About us...

We are a very friendly group of enthusiastic oldtimer caravan owners who love to share experiences, like to support each other, have lots of fun and enjoy our stay in our oldtimer vans. Anyone that owns a vintage caravan, a folding caravan or a classic motorhome which is at least 25 year or older, and is very well behaved, is more than welcome to join our friendly club!

We aim a very friendly and well behaved policy, bad behaviour in any way is unacceptable. At the foundation of the club it was stated that politics or religion should play no role, nor should any social rank or position be an obstacle. Our club consists of unpaid volunteers, the BOCC will certainly be no major professional developed association, so time and resources are very limited. Each BOCC member is entitled to suggest initiatives or pass comments to the executive board.

Activities & Meetingwelcome1s!

About four times through out the year, we organise various rally meetings, of which clubmembers are free to join and sign up for.
All rally meetings will be mainly at weekends and bankholidays. Exact dates are published on the webside and in our clubmember magazine.

BOCC clubmembers are also entitled to take part at rally’s of friended oldtimer caravan clubs in neighbouring countries, as their clubs are welcome to take part at our rally’s.
Would you like to participate in a BOCC activity? You’re more than welcome!
For our English speaking participants a registration form is available in English!                    More information on our meetings here.

den-trekker Club Magazine

This is our clubmember magazine that appears 4 times a year, where we will keep you informed about: clubevents, newsboards, lovely stories and experiences, restaurations, great pictures...

Spare Parts

Looking for that special spare part for your caravan? Go to our section spare parts, there is a cooperative with other vintage caravan clubs throughout Europe and the UK, so there is a possability that you will find your parts or equipment that your looking for.

How? That info comes here.


On our webside you will find a section called “treffens” where you can have a look at some lovely images which have been taken at various rally’s, wich will give you some impression of the club...
Photo's of meetings can be found on the photo pages...

Facebook groups

As a club we are also active on Facebook, wich is devided in 2 different groups, one for nonmembers, and the other one is for clubmembers only!
Both groups remain a friendly policy, bad behaviour and discussions will be removed at all times.
Join us on Facebook!

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Every year during the Accesion weekend, a European Classic Caravan Rally is being organized by one of the various friended Vintage Caravan Clubs (ECCC) and will take place in a different country every year depending on the organizing club.

All clubmembers are more then welcome to attend this big rally event.
Read more and view the photos of the ECCR .


We often get e-mail from various people and companies that send us offers for sale, questions or announcements,  wich can be very useful to clubmembers, therefor we pass those messages on to our clubmembers.

More information and a link to register can be found here!


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